Vulnerability Scanning

Vulnerability scanning has become an extremely valuable component of any cyber security plan

In its most basic form, a vulnerability scan assesses computers, servers, devices, networks, and applications for potential weaknesses. Keep in mind, there is a DIFFERENCE between Vulnerability Scanning and Penetration Testing. There are many companies out there who claim to be providing penetration tests, but are actually only conducting vulnerability scans and vice versa. Essentially, this scan reveals the places in which your network could be susceptible to a successful cyber attack. It is highly recommended to conduct this type of scan before conducting a penetration test, or implementing any other additional layers of protection on your network. Why? Because knowing your weaknesses beforehand allows you to better protect yourself from malicious hackers.

A better way to think of the importance of conducting regular vulnerability scans might be this: Black hat (malicious) hackers use vulnerability scans to assess weaknesses in your system so they can discover where they should attack. If the bad guys are using this tool to improve their chances of a successful hack, shouldn’t you be using it to identify the places they might be able to breach so you can better protect yourself? One would hope the answer to that question is a resounding YES. CYBER5 provides one of the most comprehensive vulnerability scans in the industry. We can help you identify every single device on your network that is vulnerable to an attack and then help you create a plan for turning those weaknesses into strengths and making sure your enterprise becomes a virtual fortress against unwanted cyber attacks. Contact us today to find out more, or to schedule your CYBER5 Vulnerability Scan.

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