COVID19 Update

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March 27, 2020
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March 30, 2020

COVID19 Update

Covid19 Coronavirus: Cybersecurity in Pandemic Operations

Managed Cybersecurity will continue during pandemic operations.

Continuing to perform our essential functions and provide essential services is vital. We are committed to continued support of our clients so that our clients can continue to support theirs. The stability of our national, and in fact our global, economy depends on businesses continuing to deliver services.

Since the threat to our organization’s continuity of operations is great during a pandemic outbreak; it is important for Cyber5 to implement our Pandemic Continuity of Operations Plan to ensure we can carry out our essential functions and services. While many organizations across the globe may be forced to suspend some operations due to the severity of a pandemic outbreak, Cyber5 is positioned to remain fully operational. We will resume normal operations once the pandemic has passed.

Current Situation

·       CYBER5 is implementing pandemic operations for business continuity.

·       Beginning Monday March16th, 2020 CYBER5 staff has been asked to work from home.

·       CYBER5 will remain open during the pandemic. Full managed cybersecurity will remain operational.

·       All travel, domestic and international, is paused.

·       Links to video training are being sent to our clients to help their staff prepare for virtual delivery of client services.

1.        Preparedness

CYBER5 is continuing to monitor on a daily basis  Houston Health Department  and   Texas Department of State Health Services.

2.        Protect Yourself and your business:

Please respect the voluntary quarantines advised by the CDC. This interactive WSJ article is an excellent visual representation of the need for social distancing that allows you to see how your actions make a difference.

Why Outbreaks Like Coronavirus Spread Exponentially, and How to Flatten the Curve

3.        Resources

·       Houston Metro Health  

·       U.S. Centers for Disease Control: Coronavirus Outbreak

o   About Coronavirus (COVID-19)

o   COVID-19 Situation Summary

o   Travel Notice: Coronavirus in Italy

·       U.S. Department of State Travel Advisory Updates

·       World Health Organization

Sincerely, Tammie Newman